Mascoticlub is an online petshop that sells different boxes with 5 products (toys, accesories, food)  for your pet. You can order it monthly, twice, or once a year and also personalize it depending on the size of your dog. One of their best advantages is that each box would be more expensive in any shop, so they ensure you great savings. What is more the peninsular shipping is free, so you save doble because you don’t even have to pay for the home delivering.


The main objective of the Brand is to increase the online signing up, but for that, they have to be well known. So we could speak about other objective which is improving its online communication, because if you don’t communicate people don’t know you exist and what you offer and if the public don’t know you exist and your products they won’t buy it.


  • Sell: mascoticlub it’s an online shop, so they use internet as a tool to sell. They use their website for the people to sign up and place their orders and you can also order a box as a present so they also use the web for this type of direct sell and for the clients to see the products of each box (as a catalogue). So the main important thing is to have a good web usability so that the clients find the ítems quickly and understand the steps for signing up.


  • Serve: on their web you can ask anything you want about them, their products, their contests or activities… And you can also do a claim if anything went wrong during the delivering. So they use their web as a tool to provide pre and after sale service. They have to ensure they give a good service because otherwise clients could get angry and this could damage the buisiness image if they share their bad experiences on the social media, and for sure this would decrease the sign ups.


  • Talk: mascoticlub uses the social networks for its communication and promotion as a tool to get closer to the customer. They share news about amazing pets, about new animal laws, videos of cute or funny animals, their monthly boxes, pictures of the winners on the contest…So the main thing to do is to update the social networks so that they can get likes and followers who might become sign ups and so that they can make themselfves known.



They use it more for entertainment. They share the “mascoti de la semana” pictures, the rules of their contest and how to participate, the products of the monthly boxes…



They use it more for sharing news but also for their clients to post pictures of their pets with the mascoticlub box, so that they can retweet them.



That’s why the social networks are so important for them, because is where the clients can share the cute pictures of their pets, and they like to see his dog as the profile picture of a business.

  • Save: it is a very important part for mascoticlub, they save a lot of money being an online shop. They don’t have to pay for a stablishment, they don’t spend time on serving the customers… they have a web where you place your order and its only cost is to send you this. So they use the Internet to reduce costs of service by automation of business processes. They could invest their saving in communication for getting more customers on the website.


  • Impact: they should be more aware of this part because they only refresh frequently Facebook. Their target are internet users so this could be a big advantage for mascoticlub if they improve their web presence by using internet as a tool to build and extend brand presence in the digital world.


The R.A.C.E model

Each letter represents a step to reach your digital marketing objectives. It has been created to help Small and large businesses so that they can take the advantages the digital world offers to them.

REACH: To build the notoriety of a brand and its products and create trafic on your website and social medias. So for mascoticlub would be getting more mentioned by their contests (for example the possibility of getting free products if you share their post of the contest)

ACT: Encourage you target audience to discuss, exchange on your social networks. This step is also about encouraging the potential costumers to take the next step, persuading them to buy, subscribe … For mascoticlub is the  choice they give to the customers to share on their  social network the pictures of the pets with the mascoticlub boxes so that other followers or fans can like and share it.

CONVERT : is the most important part and not necessary a sale (depends on the business interest) For mascoticlub its clear: to increase the sign ups for getting more cutomers and also a CPS objective is to save money per each sign up

ENGAGE: This last step consists of developing a long lasting relationship with your costumers so they will be loyal to you and recommend your brand. For mascoticlub would be getting engagement by improving the offers so the people gets the monthly order rather the yearly or decreasing complaints by improving the delivery service


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