It is a planning model, developed in the 1990s by PR Smith to help with marketing planning.

So the main thing is to understand what a marketing plan is: how ideas como to life. Until they don’t find a place in a plane they’re idle thoughts. Write a good marketing plan is a critical skill for a marketing leader, who improves the skill by practice + strategic framework. You need time for understanding the brand, consumers, insight, strategies…


A marketing plan lays out your recommendation for a business. It is not a science.

There are two reasons to write a marketing plan à COMMUNICATE A PLAN AND GET SUPPORT FOR IT


SOSTAC® stands for:

  • Situation – where are we now? (and also our competition)
  • Objectives – where do we want to be? What do we want to get?
  • Strategy – how do we get there?
  • Tactics – how exactly do we get there?
  • Action – what is our plan?
  • Control – did we get there?


Is a proactive and alive planning that permits a feedback between the several steps or work areas, so that we can change or correct different aspects of any of the areas.

We’ve referenced this approach in creating our Internet marketing planning template. You can see it gives a logical order for writing your plan and you should also use it to critically assess your processes. Ask yourself, for example, what you may be weak at? Do I fail to complete situation analysis? Are my goals unclear? Do I have a strategy?

In 2012 there was designed a new SOSTAC® infographic which summarises the key issues to consider at each stage when developing digital marketing plans:




SITUATION ANALYSIS (where are we now?)

  • Goal performanceàSell – Serve – Sizzle – Speak – Save
  • Customer insight
  • SWOT analysis
  • Brand perceptions
  • Internal resources

There are such as three areas for this analysis:

  1. Internal aspect of the Project: those items that help us to understand the needs of the Company to build a digital strategy.
  2. External aspect: the status of the Company speaking about the digital framework
  3. Competitors on the net



  1. Sell (sales and market share)
  2. Serve (customer service)
  3. Sizzle (stickiness and WOW factor)
  4. Speak (dialogue or trialogue)
  5. Save (quantified efficiency gains)


Mission, visión, values, business, marketing and communication objectives.

When we finish this área, we must have the timing of the objectives (short, médium or long term) so we will have to set dates.


STRATEGY (how do we get there?)

  • Segmentation (como dividir y clasificar mercados), targeting (en que mercado queremos poner el foco) and positioning (que percepción de nosotros queremos que tengan los consumidores
  • OVP (online value proposition)
  • Sequence (credibility before visibility)
  • Integration
  • Tools


TACTICS (how exactly do we get there?)

  • E-MARKETING MIX: Including the communication mix, social networking, what happens when
  • E-campaing with Schedule (the dates we spoke about before)


ACTION (details of the tactics)

  • Who does what and when
  • External vs Internal
  • Systems and process

We have to be able to mesure this: KPIs will show us if we are on the right way or not, if we are getting our objectives.

CONTROL (How do we monitor?)

  • 5s
  • Web analytic – KPIs
  • Usability testing
  • Mystery shopping
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Site visitor profiling
  • Frequency of reporting
  • Process of reporting and actions


We will do recurring reviews to see the progress of the KPIs to know our online perception, and redesign those aspects that don’t fit with the objectives or those actions that doesn’t work as we thought.


For more information:

Video: how to write the perfect plan (4 minutes)  (Spanish SOSTAC® eBook)




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  1. Hi
    As author of SOSTAC® I am pleased to see you are using it. I have made a 4 minute SOSTAC® video plus added some new infographics plus a lot more information at the SOSTAC® Certified Planner portal

    Please can you change your ‘For More Information’ links to: and also (Spanish SOSTAC® eBook)

    I have also written a Spanish SOSTAC® eBook on amazon

    If you like sport and/or sportsmanship, here’s 11 Spanish stories I wrote on my Not For Profit Great Sportsmanship site + one short Spanish video you have to see

    Finally, finally, if you think of it, please add the registered trade mark after SOSTAC® if you can. I am delighted you are using SOSTAC® .

    Adios Amigos
    PR Smith
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