CRM (customer relationship management) is a system of relations with customers. It’s not database software and you can’t buy this information to companies.

The most important thing is that companies focus on  client. They are the oxygen for them.  Because if they don’t have new clients, the businesses stays without oxygen and they’ll die. These argue explain what’s the situation in front of the customers and they can impose the rules of the game.

Also, people think that if you stay on a better position in the company as chief or director, you’re like God and it’s a lie. God is the client. Costumers pay the salary to workers. And the second thing is that personal contact is the most important department on companies because it talks and treats with clients. A good direction is that focus on having the better personal contact.

Therefore if these things are do it well, it’ll result to sales increase. And it enter new oxygen to company. As well, it’s necessary that director know what happens on the street with their clients, and sometimes goes with personal contact to do their work. This is the best chief who knows our customers. Nowadays, few companies do it.


The objective of companies is to capture a buyer, transform on client and then keep it. It’s the only way to grow up on their market. A buyer should see it as opportunity for companies. But first of all, businesses need to create attention to consumers, so these become customers. If you don’t have capacity to get buyers, you won’t have clients.

After that, there are lots of things that customers value as post sales service, quality of product/service, personal treat, etc.  And companies need to have a tracking on their departments and confirm that they do it well.


The purpose of customer relation management is to improve the value of the client. And another is to keep loyalty customers and once they are mine, it’ll tries to be more profit for company.

The costumer was a variable of marketing and now it’s an internal variable.


By Natalia Blanco












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