What it’s?

Is the emotional connection and the interaction have the costumer to a brand. If we are bran one of the objective is the people give to as a feedback, because this minds they appreciated your brand and if the business works is thanks to repeat customers.

Haw to get engagement?

  1. Have a defined personality:1

This is very important, we can’t stay selling the old 24 hours to ours c
ostumers, Should be a defined image and tone to get a natural conversation.

  1. Generating content of interest:


We have to create content to be interesting for our customers in ord
er that the users read that one and share. For this reason you have to now exactly which are the consumers we have: The age, the thinks they like, the geography, the personality…

  1. Talk with users.

3When the users speak with you, you have to answer them because if you don’t do that it means that you aren’t spending time with them. And we don’t have to wait they speak to as, we have to make it easy. For example ask a question or an opinion to our users.

Haw to look the engagement you have with the users?

 It’s not enough to look how many likes you have in your post, is more important the conversations and share’s they do.

Most used platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube


  • Simply SETZ

Is one brand they have a defined the personality and they know theirs costumers for this reason they make a properly content but they don’t resave a lot of feedbacks, they don’t have a interaction.

The platforms they have more followers and likes is Instagram the second one Facebook and the last one twitter. The users just put like, normally they don’t comment and share the content.

The conclusion is they do well the first part but they had to try to generate conversation with their users.

By: Raquel Torras Traveria


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