The term benchmark comes from the words bench (table) and mark (brand, sign); the word might be translated as a quality measure. To do a Benchmarking consists on analysing the competition. When we do it, we want to identify what is the market doing.

 It’s considered as a useful and necessary process to realize improvements and changes.

The Benchmarking is divided into two types:

  • Internal Benchmarking: it’s the search of good practices inside the different companies, plants or units of the own group. It’s carried out inside the organization and is characterized by the operations that can be effected inside an organization.
  • External Benchmarking: is realized by the external companies, in which we can differentiate two cases: competitive direct (the competitors who stand out in the execution of the phase or process that one tries to improve.) and not competitive Benchmarking (it takes place when there is obtained information about companies that are not competence in a direct form, because the market in which they act is geographically opposite, or because they intervene in another sector of different activity).

The aim in Benchmarking process is to contribute useful elements and knowledge to the companies, which allow them to identify which are the best approaches to optimize their strategies and their productive processes.

The questions that we do on the competitors are:

  • What is their message?
  • What is their positioning?
  • What is their tone?
  • Which is their OVP (on-line value preposition)? What is communicated and the image given, across the social networks or the web site.


The benchmark is an important ingredient in the strategic planning and the operational improvement. To continue being competitive, the organizations have to adapt constant to the changeable market. To energize and to motivate his people, the organizations have to:

  • Establish that there is a need for the change.
  • Identify that it should change.
  • Design a plan of how the organization should look for the change.

By: Irene Company





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