Branding, a technique in expansion.

What are we talking about when we refer to branding?

VIDEO- What is branding? (link)

The branding concept refers to the making process of a brand. So it’s all about the strategy for managing the related assets, directly or indirectly, with a comercial name and it’s own logotype.

These factors influence the brand’s value and the customer’s behaviour. A company with a high value brand, an strong corporative identity and a good market position will be a secure source of income on the long term.
Branding seeks to highlight the power of the brand, those intangible values such as singularity and credibility, which allows brands to distinguish from the others and to cause then an unique impact in their market. In other words, what branding tries to do is to underline those qualities that build the company strenghs.
In this way is possible that the costumer associates the bran with a concrete value as for instance “inovation”.
The aim then is to achieve that what we want to reflect about our brand is what the costumer perceives. Let’s keep in mind that even if we are talking about an emotional perception, if good developed it can last forever.
Branding online.
On previous times, when there was no internet yet, branding required the integration of publicity, the costumers’ service, the promotion, the public relationships, the direct marketing, mailings, discounts, sponsorization, the “mouth to mouth” and so many other ways to communicate.
However, nowadays, that concept has changed in our 2.0 world.
The truth is that: may technology is new, but the factors that make the costumers buy a product or not haven’t changed. People still want products or services with trust companies they can believe in.
People want to be sure that those companys will be there the day after, in the future, or anytime they need; simply because they may are not happy with their bought and want to exchange it or the hole way around and they actually want to buy more.
Publicity using banners (even with “flash” or animations) have never create good brands and it won’t happen ever. The “click-through” doesn’t create brands. Even publicity by its own can’t create brands. Nor the e-mail does.
The birth of the brand’s image, or branding, is something that succeeds on the long term as the result of a huge and continuous effort to keep communicating consistently and clear.
To sum up, for a web to succeed in addition to offer any product, it has to offer some additional services: quality services, dynamic information, customer services, etc. Details that make the web attractive not just for buying but for simply having a look.
Branding main objective: recognizing of the brand.
The brand’s experience should start with a simple recognizing of itself. Brands don’t just depend of their pictures, they reach the costumers in many ways.
In fact, the more ways we can relate the brand to any sense, the stronger our experience as costumers with it -and more solid the vincle will be then-.
Is precisely because of this that branding describes itself as: the building process of a brand by any possible active than identifies it.
As a show of all said, try answering the next question: could you distinguish a brand just by seeing its product, without any picture or colour clue?
The best brands did it.
levis   Levi’s
bic   Bic
coca-cola  Coca-Colacrayola   Crayola
lego   LEGO
converse Converse
mcdonnalds  McDonald’s
starbucks   Starbucks
In short, although many times we do not realize its importance, branding is a maintenance of a set of attributes and values inherent in the brand and will be so the public will identify it.
Finally, let me add for you an example of how the construction of a brand begins at home:
Meritxell Borrell.

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