Audience analysis for Kaoâ

About my brand:

Kaoa is a fashion brand that was born in Portugal. Currently, it only has a store in Oporto. With a personalized design, the brand reflects the feminism, elegant and exclusive style of clothing. Among the products that the brand sells, we can find dresses, jumpsuits, bodys, tops, pants, coats, skirts, etc. Importantly, it’s an exclusively female brand.

About the e-commerce brand, the buying process is very simple and easy and I value positively my experience with this brand. On the other hand, Kaoa send orders worldwide and her social networks are Instagram and Facebook.

We can observe that Instagram is the social network in which they have more followers with a total of 151.000 . Between his followers they stand out bloggers and influencers as Jessica Goicoechea.



About costumers:

Firtsly, our target audience are girls between 18 and 40 years old with a medium-hight purchasing power. Usually are portuguese girls but however, can also are girls from other countries especially spanish girls.

The target group lives in Oporto and Lisbon and they are divided into two groups:

On the one hand, the girls who still go to university tend to study something related to art like architecture or something related to fashion and events like Public Relations or fashion design. Many of these girls have as hobby the modeling. Other hobbies that they share are photography, wanderlust and healthy food.

On the other hand, if they are girls with more than 25 years, they will be employed at something related to the renowned studies previously or at something related to her image because it’s an elegant clothing.

In addition, they are very sociable, funny girls and they like to go out to take something in the nights with her friends or to come to exclusive events like Vogue. Others of her interests are to see series as Gossip Girl and if it can be in English to improve his language. Undoubtedly, his favorite movie is Sex in New York.

Finally, they don’t like to read books, only if they are romantic novels. They prefer to read fashionable magazines like Vogue or Elle in which they can take references to her looks. In addition, they like to be going to take something with friends in the most fashionable bars of the city and also to listen to pop music as Beyoncé
One of their clients is Catalina:

Catalina is 24 years old and lives in Lisbon. Kaoa is one of her favorite shops. Nowadays, she devotes himself to the modelaje and studies architecture.

In her free time he likes to go out with friends or to go to shopping. Her favorite brands of clothes are Channel, Zara, Victoria’s Secret…She likes to read magazines like Vogue, Elle, Telva and others. She loves sushi, pizza and coffe but however, she likes healthy lifestyle and she’s going to run every day. Her favorite film is Sex in New York.

To finish, it should be said that, she’s a very sociable person and one of the things that more she likes to do in the life is to travel. She tries to travel when she has vacations because she’s charmed with discovering world. She likes especially the beach destinations


Júlia Llopis


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