Linkstore Official website

LINKSTORE is a Portuguese brand which designs accessories and clothing items for men.

All the products are made in Portugal and the brand excels in their design.


The brand started in 2013 by being just a hobby for its founders: A couple of friends who just wanted to do a project together. The owners of the store are proud of their motto: LKS – Lets Keep it Simple, which means all their products are simple products, made with the best materials and easy to use.


LINKSTORE is available for all, it’s a very versatile brand but their main target audience are men. The products they make are made exactly for men, although women are free to buy them as well. Men from every age love this brand and its products but not ALL type of men of course. A very specific type of men love these accessories and clothing – men who want to look good and like fashion details. Their main costumers are from 30 to 50 years old but they also have younger and older costumers who enjoy they products. These men are usually really well dressed and pay really good attention to details. Most of their costumers are Portuguese men who love to buy nacional made items and love the feel of the Portuguese materials. They also have some major clients from Italy who just love their products.



Meet Henrique Silva, a Portuguese man who lives in Lisbon but never stays put. He’s 32 years old and works in a Advertising Agency in the center of Lisbon. He loves to travel, which is good because his work makes him travel a lot. With his travels he learned to live surrounded by fashion and style, so every time he came back to Lisbon he went shopping for items he saw in his travels but with a Portuguese twist. One day he came into LINKSTORE  and he just loved the store. Another thing Henrique enjoys doing while travelling is attending numerous fashion shows. At the end of the day he always has to come back to Portugal because he just loves his fashion culture back home and the products that are made in his country, such as their leather and cork. Actually, he really loves Portuguese cork and he tries to incorporate cork items in his everyday life. Henrique has been really busy with his work but he soon wants to find the woman of his dreams and settle down with her and have a family together, without forgetting his favourite store of course. In the future, he hopes his wife can buy some bags for herself in LINKSTORE since they’re unisex, so they can go together to visit his favourite shop.







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