Audience analysis – Wood Detail


Wood Detail is an online store that sells accessories. All these accessories are inspired by the union of two worlds, the creators of the brand think that are the soul of this brand. The nature and the waves are his inspiration and for this reason they create these objects as a type of expression.

His goal is to share this lifestyle, this passion for sport is so purifying as surfing. For this brand it is more than a sport when you enter the water, disconnect of the world and enters a limbo that combines the tranquility of looking at the sea sitting with maximum adrenaline ride the wave.

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His target group are boys and girls from 15 to 30 years, who are surfers or practice water sports. According to their personality we can say that are brave and adventurous people. Most of them live in the city and take advantage of every opportunity to find the perfect wave and enjoy of their free time doing what they really like. They also carry a healthy lifestyle and like to play other sports to get fit throughout the year as cycling, go to skate,…

An example of a consumer would be this:

Marc is a 22 year old student Marketing and business management. His great hobby is surfing and water sports. As an amateur surfing follow all websites that talk about sport as Costa surfing, All surf, Surf 30 and so on. His main idols are Kelly Slater and Andy Irons. On their way to college he likes reading magazines like Fluir, Oceanix and Transworld Surf. His lovemarks are Quicksilver, o’neill, and so on. His favorite movie is Chasing Mavericks because it talks about the life of a surfer, and he really love movies like this.

It is also up to date with social networking, using Instagram and Facebook to hang all his photos surfing. And he can also follow the surf pages that allow him to be up to date of everything related to surfing. He also has linkedin and twitter with a business purpose, and who uses it to share their knowledge about their marketing studies.


Aida Tura Riera


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