Audience Analysis of Lunallar

Lunallar is a real state company which activity is focus on Castelldefels and Gavá to get more information you can visit its website Thinking on the buyers they offer an ample supply of houses, we can group the target in three groups: investors, families and couples.

  • Investors

That group include the buyers who buy houses, usually redecorate them and then rent it to get the highest ROI possible. Most of the time they are focus on the price of the property and the future ROI they will received.

  • Families

This crowd is probably the most heterogeneous because here we can find families composed of 3 members (2 parents and 1 child) or families with more than 4 members. The ages of the family members are a large rang, families with babies, with teenagers or families who live with their grandparents.

  • Couples

This group is composed buy two person who are looking for a home to live, maybe their first home.

Also this three groups have different demands: a house near the beach or in the city centre, a loft, an apartment with pool, with garage, surrounded by nature, views of the sea…

On the other hand if we focus on the sellers there are also different groups:

  • people who needs to sell to buy a new home

  • those who just need to sell

It must be said that the groups (buyers and sellers) could be composed of international and
national clients. The most popular nationality is Spanish (people living in Catalonia in concrete Baix Llobregat and Barcelona) but French, Germanise, British and Russian have a big role in the business.

Spain, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Rusia are clients of Lunallar

It’s difficult to put in groups the Lunallar’s clients because every client demands a specific home with specific characteristics not just about the houses also about the prices or rentability of the operation. But all of them share some characteristic things, they are looking for someone professional who will help them to find the perfect houses for their needs, someone who can also provide them finance advices and personalised attendance. Confidence, professionalism, empathy and confidentiality are the values that the clients are looking for.

Here we have an example of a Russian persona, Ygor and Natasha.


They live in Moscow and one of their passion is Barcelona. Ygor is a CEO of a technology company and Natasha doesn’t work but one of her hobby is shopping. Ygor and Natasha travel a lot around the world but they feel like Barcelona is a place to live: luxury boutiques, good weather and amazing restaurants.


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