Audience analysis of Beroomers

Captura de pantalla 2016-09-30 a las 23.50.58.pngWhat is Beroomers?

It is a marketplace of student rooms, where you can look for an accommodation and book it on-line, and be in contact with your roommates. Also you can publish your flat for free and wait to the renters booking.

How does the web works?

First of all, you have to find your room, flat or student hall. Choose a city or type an exact location on our search engine to see the nearest options, and introduce the check-in and check-out dates. You must be sure before you book and read all the information that the web specifies at every description. After that, you could match with your next roomers. Then, you must do the booking. It is easy, safe and quick. Your booking will be confirmed in less than two working days. Beroomers only transfer the money to the landlord once you´ve checked-in and they know that you found everything as expected.

When the booking is confirmed, you will receive the landlord´s details to arrange the check-in. Upon arrival you´ll sign the contract and pay the deposit to the landlord. Finally, you only have to pack your bags, check in and start living your own experience.

Beroomers has also…

They communicate to their customers all kind of information through a blog, and a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube account.

Which is their target group?

 The target group of this brand is about students from 18 to 25 years old, that are living around the world and they need an accommodation for a period of time mainly in cities such as: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, London, New York and Boston. Gender is not an important characteristic, but it is certain that it’s usually people with an income familiar level enough to travel. Also, it is a group with studies and therefore, they have good education.

Regarding specific psychographic target, people who uses Beroomers tend to be brave, open-minded and sociable. They are people who haven’t fear to new experiences. Also, they are ambitious people that get what they want.

Making reference to hobbies, meet friends, travel, learn about other cultures and socialize are the most important. And…of course they are social media lovers and internet consumers.

It is time to show an example:

Jana is a 22 years old german student, who has been using the internet since she has her first phone. Nowadays, she uses her Macbook and her Iphone to acces the web and to buy online all kind of things with the cheaper price she can. Moreover, she is connected all time to social media and she chats with her friends.

She is studying business administration and management, but in her free time, she usually goes out with friends and goes to her favourite concerts, festivals and musicals. She likes to eat healthy food and work out everyday in her gym, as well.

She is also a good student and nowadays is learning Spanish. It is important to highlight that she has good skills on public speaking and communicating.







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