Audience Analysis – Lonbali

I have chosen the website of a brand called Lonbali for the analysis. Lonbali is a company that makes handbags and was created by Maria, Soledad and Marc, three brothers from Barcelona. The name of the brand combines the name of the cities of London, Barcelona and Bali, due to the fact that these handbags are intended to transmit the spirit of these three locations that make up a very explosive cocktail.

Lonbali handbags and purses are created to be introduced in a world in which there is not only one type of woman, but different ones that adapt themselves to the different moments of their lives. Nowadays, one same woman is mother and worker and at the same time she is interested in trends. For this reason, Lonbali offers them consistency, street style and the chic touch of personalization that requires a woman today. Handbags that they can use to go to the office, to pick up their kids at school or even to go to the supermarket.

These handbags are addressed to all those women that need a fresh alternative in a fashion world that tends to standardization. With its variety of prints, Lonbali makes each product unique, versatile and timeless. Lonbali is combinable and can be easily adapted to any look. It is the best friend of a globetrotting and stylish woman.


All these characteristics of Lonbali can be easily recognised taking a quick look at its website which shows a very casual aesthetic with a touch of sophistication and elegance. Everything on it is aimed to a powerful and fashionable woman. Also with a simple but clear and strong typography, Lonbali tells to all these women that they can be in total control of their life, with quotes like “The best way to predict the future is to create it”. Altogether points to the idea that these women, as the only rulers of their lives, deserve the pleasure of buying and enjoying one of their handbags.

We can also deduce that Lonbali is trying to create a lifestyle and a community with its costumers. With a blog in which anyone can share its passions and pleasures, every purchaser can make a contribution and create an interactive map of the best places and experiences to live around the world. That shows that this brand is also addressed to that type of woman that wants to be a part of something.

Captura de pantalla 2016-09-28 a las 22.29.26.png

For all this reasons and after the analysis I think that we can say, with any doubt, that the audience of Lonbali is a woman from 30 to 50 years old with a middle to high income (handbags go from 80€ to 130€) that, either married or single, has a very active life and wants comfort and style at the same time, all mixed up in a handbag that she can use in any situation.

Furthermore, we can also say that probably the biggest part of the audience are women from Barcelona due to the fact that the only physic shop that Lonbali has is located there. But thanks to the website in which you can buy online from any other point of Spain, the brand may also have clients from other points of the country, possibly from big cities like Madrid or Valencia where fashion tendencies have more power.

In conclusion, a Lonbali costumer is a very powerful woman that makes her own decisions, that wants to be a part of something and that is interested in trends but needs an easy way to stay in sync with fashion because of her very busy life.

These two women below can perfectly fit with the profile of a Lonbali client:

Valentina: Valentina is 40 years old. She lives in Barcelona. Married and with three kids, she has a very hectic life. Fashion means to Valentina a way out to the stress of her everyday tasks and responsibilities. Her Lonbali handbag is her perfect ally to keep herself comfortable in every situation without having to give up to her love for trends.

Sofia: Sofia is 32 years old. Single but married with her job position in a communication agency, she has a quite turbulent life. Following a very healthy lifestyle, she also finds time to go the gym. Concerned with her social life, Sofia loves to stay up with trends. With her Lonbali purse, Sofia can keep herself comfy but fashionable and go to the office, hang out with her friends and even go to the gym.

Personas Collage:

ACT collage.jpg

Maria Hors


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