Audience Analysis for Un Paso Más


Un Paso Más was created by a Spanish family business and it’s focus in the footwear sector. They pay special attention to the feminine market bearing in mind they needs, demands and present day fashion modern women. The shoes of Un Paso Más are inspired by Italian designs and are made in Spain. The designs bear in mind the latest trends in fashion using unique designs in Spanish leather and with very affordable prices. They have three stores in Cataluña and one in Madrid.


The target of Un Paso Más is focused on women’s between 16 and 30 years with a middle-income, who live in Barcelona or Madrid.

They are women who like to dress fashionably, using social networks daily and follow the latest trends through influencer’s. In their free time they like to go to any terrace for a drink or a coffee with friends, shopping at stores like Zara and Mango or look online series (such as Pretty Liars Liars and Grey’s Anatomy). They like to practice sports and take care of themselves. On Friday or Saturday nights they usually go to have a drink with friends and then go to clubs or pubs of the upper area of Barcelona, like Costa Breve or Bling Bling, where sounds commercial music (Pop and Reggeton mainly). They like to travel to different countries for sightseeing and off.

Gema is one of their clients:


By Alejandra Ros


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