Audience Analysis for Colectivos Vip

Colectivos Vip is a platform that manages savings-loyalty programs for groups (employees and customers).


It has more than 500 active promotions available on more than 16.000 physical point of sale in addition to the online and telephone channels.


There are three clearly differentiate types of targets for the company:

First of all, the employees of those companies that hire Colectivos Vip’s services. Colectivos Vip gives these companies a good way to keep happy and motivated their employees by offering them all type of promotions (travel, experiences, food…).

On the other hand, the customers of those companies that hire Colectivos Vip’s services. By this way, these companies get the loyalty of their customers for a lasting relationship with them.

The third and last target are providers. Colectivos Vip positioned their brand to hundreds of thousands of users to improve their sales.

Here we have one member of the first target group, an employee of Generalitat de Catalunya:



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