Audience Analisys – Tu cielito lindo

Tu cielito lindo is a small jewelry which is located in Barcelona – Sant Gervasi, near of their main target.


We are specialized on religious jewelry for all kind of people so we have a wide target group for both children and adults.

Despite our main target is focused on girls between (4-5 years old) young people between (15 – 29 years old) and adults between (30-40 years old) we also have products for a mens.

We know that our young target value comfort but with a chic unique style that captures the essence of a free-spirited, many of them are in high school at the moment or higher studies, they also use social media very often, in fact they post all they do in the main social media as Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

They love show his personality with all thing they wear, for that reason most of them buy at the same clothes and footwear shops as Brandy Melville, Brownie, Eseoese, Double agent, Andreas, or Un paso más.

If they wear other kind of jewelry or accessories they usually wear Tous, Daniel wellington, Michael Kors or Bimba y lola.

They like wear simple things but with meaning, share special moments with their families or friends, do exercise and healthy food and also go party.

Moreover we know that they are people of faith who like wear a sign of its religion.

They like mix their clothes, shoes or bags with their bracelets and necklace but always wear some of their religion for that reason they usually have different kind of bracelets, rings or necklace with religious ornaments.




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